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Physical Activity and Inclusivity for Disabled People

Expand the knowledge of your team around working with disabled people and ensure that your employees have a greater awareness of inclusive behaviours.

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This course covers the fundamental components of designing inclusive physical activity programmes for disabled people.


Your employees will learn through a collection of modules and units designed to deliver the knowledge and understanding needed to pass the assessment and expand their knowledge within their scope of practice.

Entry Requirements

No formal pre-requisite to entry however experience working directly with people or previous learning around fitness and physical activity would be beneficial.


Test questions at the end of each part of the learning.


The course covers:

  • An overview of physical activity guidelines for disabled people
  • The different types of impairments and exercise considerations
  • The various guidelines for the treatment of each condition (ACSM, 2016)
  • How to be inclusive with a health & fitness setting
  • The functional assessment of various conditions
  • The motivational processes, models and techniques used with disabled clients to
    encourage adherence to long term beneficial lifestyle changes

Useful Information

What's the benefit to my organisation?

There is a palpable shift towards both health and inclusion in the world of physical activity. With an ever changing national demographic, having the knowledge and skills within your organisation to serve a more diverse range of people in the community will serve to support both your efforts to increase levels of activity and fitness and revenue within your organisation.

  • Confidently launch services for disabled people

  • Create an inclusive environment

  • Increase potential for revenue

  • Improve accessibility and inclusivity in your facilities

  • Prepare your staff to embrace the shift towards all-round health and wellness

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