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Pilates for Common Orthopedic Conditions

Learn to apply Pilates for muscle strength, mobility, and posture, supporting clients with joint issues and collaborating with health professionals.

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Revenue OpportunitiesIncrease revenue opportunities through new classes
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Course Overview

This exciting and informative course will teach you how to apply the Pilates technique and specific exercises to build muscle strength, restore mobility and improve posture. It will enable you to support client with hip, knee, lower back and shoulder complaints and understand certain Pilates exercises that may assist these clients. You will be able to offer specialist rehabilitative services working alongside physiotherapists and other health professionals and also use your expertise to offer more inclusive classes. This course will not qualify you to assess and diagnose joint conditions and common injuries, but you will be able to accept specific medical referrals.

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These are the learning outcomes offered from this course

  • Describe the signs, symptoms, causes, and risk factors of common orthopaedic conditions including osteoporosis, arthritis, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, tennis and golfer’s elbow, and back pain.
  • Explain the diagnosis process and treatment options for the most frequently occurring orthopaedic conditions that Pilates instructors may encounter in clients.
  • Understand the anatomy and kinesiology of the shoulder complex, spine, hip joint and knee joint as relevant to common orthopaedic conditions and Pilates exercise.
  • Prescribe safe and effective Pilates-based exercises with appropriate modifications and adaptations for clients with orthopaedic conditions of the shoulder, spine, hip and knee.
  • Recognise postural abnormalities and muscle imbalances associated with orthopaedic conditions and incorporate corrective exercises within the Pilates environment.
  • Comprehend post-operative precautions, contraindications and recommended exercise timelines when working with clients who have undergone joint replacement surgery.
  • Apply the Pilates principles and fundamentals to exercise programme design while accounting for an individual client’s orthopaedic condition, needs, limitations, and stage of rehabilitation.
  • Understand the importance of following the advice and guidance provided by the client’s medical and health professionals when tailoring the Pilates programme to their orthopaedic condition and stage of recovery.

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Entry requirements and learning format

We want to ensure you select the course that best fits your team’s needs. This section outlines the entry requirements for this specific course, details the learning format, and provides any additional information necessary for making an informed decision.

Entry RequirementsL3 Diploma in Mat Pilates
Learning FormatOnline learning
Assessment DetailsThere is a case study assessment at the end of the course.
Qualifications AchievedPilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions CPD

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