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The Conveners Podcast

Future Fit are delighted to support 'The Conveners' podcast, which focuses on collaborative strategies aimed at enhancing public health outcomes

We are proud to be supporting The Conveners’ podcast, shedding light on collaborative approaches in the leisure sector to improve public health. Led by industry champion, Chair of GM Active, and Director of Miova, Andy King, the series delves into how the leisure sector is working with health and social care across the UK, and the ways in which it can contribute further to reducing health inequalities.

The Conveners Podcast

Each week, the podcast will feature thought-provoking discussions with industry expert guest presenters, offering diverse perspectives from both within and outside the sector. The Conveners podcast embodies the collaboration required to advance the ‘pivot to active wellbeing’ and the importance of fostering cross-sector partnerships to address pressing health challenges.

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Our sector can be the driving force behind a new ‘national wellness service’ that serves to focus on the power of physical activity to help address multiple health needs, particularly for those that are often left behind in this unequal society we live in. By inviting guests from diverse backgrounds, we aim to foster a culture of innovation that propels us towards a healthier, more equitable future.

Andy King

The Conveners Podcast is Making Headlines

The Conveners Podcast is highlighting important conversations within the health and wellbeing industry, and it’s making waves. The podcast has been featured in Sports Magazine, reflecting on the podcast and the overall aim, to shine an essential spotlight on some of the work going on in the industry right now.

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