Behaviour Change Coaching

This course provides the skills and underpinning knowledge that will enable students to help clients achieve long-term change in relation to their diet and exercise behaviour.

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The Formula 4 Change system, is a course developed by Future Fit Training and Dr Gary Mendoza, which will enable you to easily assess clients, choose the right strategies and techniques to facilitate positive behaviour changes, and successfully implement them as a personal trainer or nutrition adviser.


This online e-learning course is formatted into bite-size lessons giving the opportunity to start and stop training to suit commitments. The course consists of fully interactive online tutorials supported by downloadable resources, all designed to suit a wide range of learning styles.

Entry Requirements

Any employees enrolled on this course must already hold a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification. If this qualification was certified over 3 years ago, further evidence may be required.


This course is assessed by an online multiple choice exam.


• The need for change
• Barriers to change
• Models of behaviour change
• Tools for assessing readiness to change
• Psychometric testing
• Communication and interpersonal skills
• Introduction to motivational interviewing
• The Formula4Change system, exclusive to Future Fit Training

Useful Information

What's the benefit to my organisation?

Your staff are more likely to retain your clients, earn referrals and get results if they can keep their clients engaged with interesting and varied training programmes. The Behaviour Change Coaching course is an effective CPD training course, giving your staff the skills they need to soar as a fitness professional.

  • Increase Member Engagement

  • Grow memberships through effective onboarding and induction

  • Support long-term behaviour change for sustained memberships

  • Improve Employee:Client Communications

  • Reduce barriers to activity in your organisation

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