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Coaching Fitness Online

The Coaching Fitness Online course provides an introduction to the world of online fitness coaching.


The Coaching Fitness Online course provides an introduction to the world of online fitness coaching. You will learn how to effectively assess clients remotely and deliver training sessions to them in a virtual setting. Additionally, you will explore methods for generating leads, implementing sales funnel techniques, and planning marketing campaigns and strategies to grow your online coaching business.

  • Describe the key components of a successful online fitness coaching business.
  • Identify effective methods for assessing clients remotely and gathering necessary information.
  • Outline strategies for designing personalised training programmes and delivering them online.
  • Explain best practices for coaching and communicating with clients in a virtual setting.
  • Describe the customer journey and how to optimise each stage for client satisfaction and retention.
Retain clients and members
Grow member referrals
Grow or launch a group exercise offering
Provide opportunities for staff progression
Increase revenue opportunities through new classes
Close up of women's arms learning over her leg wearing active wear leggings, writing down exercises onto a pad of lined paper from an open laptop.

Modules and Assessment

This course includes the following modules:


  • Part 1 – What is online coaching and who is it for, where does online coaching fit into your business, business basics, product design, and administration
  • Part 2 – Delivery options, hardware, and software
  • Part 3 – The customer journey, first steps, client assessment, programming, coaching skills, safety within sessions, long term results and loyalty
  • Part 4 – The marketing funnel, online marketing tools, methods
  • Part 5 – Introduction to the principles of persuasion, sales funnel




There is an online exam at the end of the course.

CPD Points

7 CPD points available

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