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Low Back Pain

This course specialises in LBP and builds on this specific niche to allow you to work with more specific incidents.

Employee ProgressionProvide opportunities for staff progression
Client RetentionRetain clients and members
Revenue OpportunitiesIncrease revenue opportunities through new classes
Expand Your OfferingGrow or launch a group exercise offering

Course Overview

This course specializes in Lower Back Pain (LBP), equipping you to address and manage this specific issue effectively. You will gain specialized knowledge and skills to work with clients experiencing lower back pain, enabling you to tailor programs to their needs. The course covers assessment techniques, pain management strategies, and specific exercises designed to alleviate LBP. By focusing on this niche, you’ll be prepared to handle more specific and complex cases, enhancing your ability to provide targeted support and improve client outcomes.

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This course covers the complex nature of low back pain, and how to assess clients and prescribe general exercises. You will also have an understanding of how back pain is treated and the scientific evidence basis on treatment models (common medication, manual therapy, psychotherapy, and exercise)

These are the learning outcomes offered from this course

  • Outline the prevalence of low back pain and explain how the burden of low back pain affects the individual, society and the economy
  • Explain the categories of low back pain and the conditions that contribute to them
  • Identify the risk factors for low back pain and strategies to address them
  • Explain the role of psychosocial factors in the development of low back pain
  • Analyse the current national guidelines for management of low back pain
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a variety of approaches to the management of low back pain including the use of exercise
  • Apply a range of methods when assessing the health and function of a client with back pain and prescribe an appropriate programme of progressive exercise for clients with non-specific low back pain
  • Apply evidence based techniques to help back pain clients to initiate and maintain participation in an exercise programme

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Entry requirements and learning format

We want to ensure you select the course that best fits your team’s needs. This section outlines the entry requirements for this specific course, details the learning format, and provides any additional information necessary for making an informed decision.

Entry RequirementsL3 Diploma in exercise referral Entrants must be 16+
Learning FormatBlended learning - Online learning - Practical workshop
Assessment DetailsTheory and practical assessment completed on course - Case study submitted 4 weeks post-course
Qualifications AchievedVTCT Level 4 Certificate in Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain

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