Health Seeker Coaching

Health seekers is a course developed by Future Fit and Guy Griffiths of GG Fit. The purpose of this course is to support and help people understand and improve their health. With the aim of helping the fitness industry to recover, build, and become more resilient.

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100% Online Learning

Delivery Method

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The course prepares the learner to be able to perform health checks, becoming a qualified coach who talks through their member’s body composition readings; choosing reasonable actions, behaviour changes and choices they should be making.

Learners will understand:

  • How to attract Health Seekers
  • The role of a health seeker coach
  • The benefits of a health seeker lifestyle coach
  • How to have healthy conversations with gym members
  • How to coach someone through behaviour change
  • The process of working as a health seeker coach



The course is delivered entirely online via 4 e-Learning modules

Entry Requirements

Anyone can sign up for the Health Seeker coaching course


This course is assessed by an online multiple-choice exam.


• Introduction
• Healthy Conversations
• Changing Behaviour
• The Process

Useful Information

What's the benefit to my organisation?

Training your staff to become health coaches extends your product offering, which helps you reach and retain wider demographics (those who are more interested in their overall health status rather than more traditional fitness), communities, and corporates into your club, in addition to extending your offerings to your current members.

The health seeker service is very flexible in its functionality, so you’ll be able to carry out the coaching in person or remotely, which helps future-proof your business.

  • Retain and reengage clients and members

  • Reach new members

  • Future proof your business

  • Extend your product offering

  • Build new communities

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