Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Management

This specialist course enables learners to accept more specialist clients with obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions. Building on the foundation knowledge obtained in exercise referral, it focuses on the area of long-term conditions.

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This course will increase awareness and understanding of obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions. Your staff will gain a thorough grounding in the psychology, social factors, and pathophysiology associated with the conditions, as well as how to work with a specialist team to help with screening and prescribing effective exercises.

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This online e-learning course is formatted into bite-size lessons giving the opportunity to start and stop training to suit commitments. The course consists of fully interactive online tutorials supported by downloadable resources, all designed to suit a wide range of learning styles.

Entry Requirements

Any employees enrolled on this course must already hold a Level 3 Exercise Referral qualification. If this qualification was certified over 3 years ago, further evidence may be required.


The Transcend assessment is a workbook format to be completed and submitted within 4 weeks of E-learning completion, including worksheets and 2 x case studies (obesity and metabolic disorder).


• Pathophysiology of Obesity, Diabetes and associated metabolic conditions
• Disease progressions and complications associated with Obesity, Diabetes and associated metabolic conditions.
• Factors that contribute to the conditions and the impact these have on individual and community health statuses, e.g. genetics, hormones, lifestyle.
• Dietary variables that contribute to the conditions, such as nutritional intake, energy balance and appetite mechanisms
• Physiological functions of the endocrine system
• Current strategies around weight management including information from national agencies such as NICE, PHE, NHS.
• Risk stratification and condition management
• The psychosocial aspects of the conditions and behaviour change strategies
• How to work as part of a multidisciplinary team in the management of metabolic conditions
• The physical and psychological assessments of clients during screening consultations
• The prescription of general exercise suitable to a variety of metabolic conditions

Useful Information

What's the benefit to my organisation?

This is a specialist course that will allow you to grow your business by accepting more specialist clients with obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions.

  • Engage new members with long-term conditions

  • Expand your potential membership

  • Retain current members

  • Provide more specialist services around obesity management

  • Deliver screening and appropriate exercise programmes

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