Pre- and Postnatal Nutrition

This course provides the skills and underpinning knowledge that will enable students to provide nutrition advice to clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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The Pre-and Postnatal nutrition course is aimed at anyone with an interest in gaining a thorough knowledge of nutrition, healthy eating habits and weight management as they apply to individuals who are pregnant, who have just given birth or are breast feeding.Learn about the importance of weight gain during pregnancy, and help clients who have recently given birth, advising on appropriate nutrition to support breast-feeding and weight loss.


This online e-learning course is formatted into bite-size lessons giving the opportunity to start and stop training to suit commitments. The course consists of fully interactive online tutorials supported by downloadable resources, all designed to suit a wide range of learning styles.

Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course, but If a student wishes to offer nutrition advice professionally they should also complete the NWM course. Students need to complete PPNE if they wish to claim the REPs points for this course.


This course is assessed by an online multiple choice exam.


• Preparing for pregnancy
• Weight gain
• Vitamins, minerals and supplements
• Foods to avoid or limit
• Breastfeeding
• Losing weight after giving birth

Useful Information

What's the benefit to my organisation?

This course will be useful for retaining clients and members who are looking for support during birth as well as after, when they may be breastfeeding. Providing your staff with a good understanding of food and vitamins is important for supporting members who are expecting, as they want to help progress the development of their pregnancy and nutrition plays a key role in this.

  • Retain clients and members

  • Increase staff confidence in discussing nutrition with pregnant clients

  • Offer practical application of pre- and postnatal nutrition

  • Encourage members to return after pregnancy with confidence

  • Provide support around diet and nutrition to new mums

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