Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor

This course covers the entire repertoire of Mat Work Pilates exercises that were created by Joseph Pilates.

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The Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor Course will enable your staff to teach mat Pilates at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels on a one-to-one basis or in group sessions. Future Fit study the original repertoire of Pilates, adapting the exercises to ensure they are usable for the general public and to suit individual needs.

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This course is taught through a series of face to face workshops, assessments and online training.

There is a recommended time frame of 4-6 weeks in-between each workshop for teaching practice and paperwork.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification.


  • 2 exams: L2 Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health / L3 Anatomy and Physiology

  • 4 worksheets to complete online with a 70% passmark

  • A portfolio of evidence including working with a client and session planning

  • Teach a 60min Pilates class for mixed ability (under observation)


Basic workshop:

* L2 Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health multiple choice theory exam
* Pilates history, Pilates principles and Pilates fundamentals
* Health and safety, screening, roles and responsibilities of a Pilates instructor
* How to structure a Pilates class
* Posture, theory overview of the spine and core muscles
* Setting up and mobilising the body in Pilates
* Beginner level exercises adapted from the original method
* Stretching techniques
* Develop teaching skills

Intermediate workshop:

* L3 Anatomy and Physiology multiple choice theory exam
* Pilates demonstration classes
* Common posture types
* Postural observations and programming
* Intermediate mobility work
* Intermediate level exercises
* Closing phase exercises and stretches
* Stretching techniques
* Develop teaching skills

Advanced workshop – completed after qualifying:

* Study of the original movements
* Adaptations and modifications of the original movements
* Contraindications of the original movements
* Demonstration classes
* Portfolio guidance
* Practical assessment guidance
* Setting up and mobilising the body in Pilates
* Develop teaching skills

Useful Information

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Public Course

A course that takes place at one of our 40 national venues. An open course involves your employees training with others learners, in one of our venues that pass a strict audit to ensure they provide the perfect environment for practical learning.

Closed Course

A bespoke course at your own venue of choice, exclusively for your members of staff. A closed course involves a more intimate training experience, that only your employees will attend.

P.S. closed courses typically save 20-40% on average (dependent on the number of learners).

What's the benefit to my organisation?

Members who include group exercise as part of their exercise routine are more likely to maintain their membership for longer compared to the members who exclusively work out in the gym.

  • Retain members for longer

  • Increase member satisfaction

  • Grow or launch a group exercise offering

  • Provide opportunities for staff progression

  • Increase membership numbers through new classes

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