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RSPH Level 3 Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Improvement (Health Navigator)

Gain essential knowledge and skills through this level 3 RSPH accredited course to promote health and wellness in the community.

10 points

CPD Points

100% Online Learning

Delivery Method

Accredited by:


This course is designed to improve the knowledge and awareness of how to make a positive change to other’s mental and physical health in the community. Having a fully holistic approach to health and wellbeing is an integral part of making impactful progress in the fitness industry, leading to the implementation of this Health and Wellbeing Improvement course.

The training provided in this qualification enhances essential skills in how to carry out conversations and consultations. This will allow the learner to help individuals identify key areas of improvement and health priorities, supporting them in making changes to their lives. This training also covers key knowledge surrounding motivations and willingness to change.

The Health Navigator course is comprised of 6 engaging core modules surrounding key techniques for health improvement within the community. The course is designed to benefit those looking to develop skills in consulting behaviour change and the direct responsibilities of supporting other’s health and wellness.

The Health Navigator course is awarded by RSPH. The qualification is developed with the support of Public Health England and gains the learner 10 CIMSPA CPD points upon completion.

Awarded by:


The course comprises flexible and engaging e-learning modules, centred around developing skills to make a meaningful impact on the health and wellbeing of the community.

Entry Requirements

There are no recommended prior learning requirements for this qualification

This course is most useful for a number of position within the health sector, including:

  • Health trainers
  • Social prescribing link workers
  • Wellbeing support workers
  • Staff or trainers working in or with healthcare services


The assessment covers the 3 key areas to demonstrate a fully-rounded knowledge of the subject matter:

The completion of a workbook answering key questions about the topics
A case study to make the theoretical learning actionable
A professional discussion, demonstrating a good level of understanding (this is 10% of the end assessment)


  • Principles of health improvement
  • Supporting behaviour change
  • The wider determinants of health and health inequality for individuals, communities and public policy
  • Theories and principles of behaviour change
  • Roles and responsibilities of people supporting health and wellbeing
  • Conduct motivational consultations

Useful Information

What's the benefit to my organisation?

Understanding that fitness and wellness don’t stop at the gym door, but is an integral part of supporting the community and those most in need, is an essential trait in any trainer or health worker. Focussing on having these essential conversations surrounding physical and mental wellbeing allows for better understanding and support to encourage individuals to make changes.

Undertaking this course will allow for a more enhanced offering, developing core skills in motivational conversations to deliver a more impactful health service. Being able to offer your clients a more holistic health and wellness service is an exciting opportunity to grow within the industry.

  • Retain clients and members

  • Increase member satisfaction

  • Enhance your offering

  • Deliver more impactful health services

  • Expand your offering outside of gym and group exercise

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