Children’s Physical Activity Instructor

The course consists of three units and will cover the underpinning knowledge to enable you to plan and deliver physical activity sessions for children.

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This course is designed to give fitness professionals the skills and knowledge to plan and deliver safe and effective exercise sessions for children, targeting an age range of 8-15 years. The course enables those who want to work with children to promote exercise and healthy lifestyles, adapting motivational strategies and creating safe exercise sessions to suit the age range. Learners will also develop an understanding of behaviour management, child development and building strong relationships to ensure that a safe and enjoyable environment is maintained when teaching sport and physical activity to children.


This online course is delivered in 3 parts covering different aspects of working with children to deliver sport and physical activity sessions. The learning should take around 3-4 hours in total to study.

Entry Requirements

This course is aimed at Level 2 Fitness Instructors who are looking to expand their offering and be able to work alongside Children in a Gym or Group environment. Therefore anyone looking to complete this course should already hold a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification.


This course is assessed via multiple choice questions at the end of each part of the course.


Unit 1: Health and Wellbeing in Children through Sport and Physical Activity

By the end of this unit, learners should:

  • Be able to explain the Chief Medical Officer physical activity guidelines for children and young people
  • Have developed an awareness of obesity and overweight in childhood
  • Understand the benefits of sport and physical activity for children

Unit 2: Development of Children Through Sport and Physical Activity

By the end of this unit, learners should:

  • Describe whole child development through different domains, e.g. physical, social, emotional and cognitive
  • Understand the key physical changes in development from childhood to puberty
  • Understand the key psychological changes in development from childhood to puberty
  • Identify motivational strategies to engage children in sport and physical activity
  • Identify the key stages of development in children

Unit 3: Planning Physical Activity Sessions for Children

By the end of this unit, learners should:

  • Understand effective communication methods and appropriate language when working with children
  • Identify strategies to manage behaviour when working individually with children and in groups
  • Understand safeguarding in preparation for working with children
  • Know how to create a safe environment and identify the risks involved in delivering activities for children
  • Plan progressive activities developing across all relevant domains – physical, social, emotional and cognitive

Useful Information

What's the benefit to my organisation?

  • Plan and deliver gym and studio based sessions to children

  • Expand offering to children and young people

  • Enhance and expand revenue streams

  • Upskill and retain staff

  • Build trust with members that you can cater for the whole family

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