Improving the quality of e-learning for Places Leisure

Helping Places Leisure improve the quality of e-learning for their workforce.

Improving the quality of e-learning for Places Leisure

Helping Places Leisure improve the quality of e-learning for their workforce.

The Challenge

When Places Leisure started working with us, they were looking for two things. They wanted:

1. To improve the quality of their e-learning
2. To train their staff on how to deliver their Into:Active initiative.

We highlighted the need to re-evaluate their existing e-learning systems. After a consultation, we established what we could do for them, the principles we believe are vital for producing effective e-learning, and the process we use to develop courses.
There was a clear demand for staff retraining in how to approach customers of different ages, fitness levels, and abilities to get everyone learning and engaging with fitness. As most providers focus solely on people already interested in the fitness industry, this is a vital way of reaching people who are perhaps intimidated

The Solution

E-learning development

We created a prototype platform for them to see our proposed changes (listed above) implemented into their courses and the safe use of social media. We highlighted to them our 12 years’ experience of developing e-learning for ourselves and external clients, and how a strong e-learning platform can save business’ time and money, as well as other advantages of:

• Scalability
• Capacity
• Flexibility
• Consistency
• Measurability

This implementation was successful and allowed us to follow on from this with the go-ahead to develop 5 new courses.


The Into:Active programme was developed to target those members of the public that have become inactive and wish to develop their levels of fitness. Places highlighted that 1/3 of the population is inactive, which can lead to a plethora of health problems in the future. Places were driven to excite the community and create enthusiasm about being in good health, even if you have been inactive for years.

This was split into three main areas:

• Into:Swim
• Into:Fitness
• Into:More

About Places Leisure

Places Leisure are a leading leisure and wellness partner within the fitness industry. Their mission is to ‘put their heart and soul into creating active places and healthy people’. Places Leisure work with Local Authority partners to deliver places and activities that make a difference to the lives of their communities. Their three main areas of physical activity specialisms are: Fitness – helping people become fitter and rise their own personal levels by going to their gym or swimming facilities. They say that ‘Our gym, class and pool workouts develop stamina, strength, power, core stability and flexibility through a series of carefully designed programmes, designated zones and qualified instructors1. Sport – Places collaborate with National Governing Bodies to create spaces where people of all ages are free to play sports and develop healthy life skills. This is especially true of their work with young people, making sure their centres are fun and engaging to set them up with a healthy mindset for life. Health – Places are driven to helping people get fitter and stay fitter even if they have lead an inactive lifestyle; they want people to be enthusiastic about making the changes in their lives to combat the rising levels of obesity and inactivity related health problems in the UK.