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Your Trust Rochdale - e-learning via Flex

Deploying our Flex LMS to provide and monitor training courses for all employees.

Efficient Training Management System

After years of using spreadsheets and folders to monitor training, Your Trust wanted a more efficient system to meet their organisational needs. With a workforce operating variable hours, they required an easy-to-use learner management system that gave on-the-go access to both mandatory training and additional courses.

Through recommendation from GM Active, Your Trust came to us with two objectives: to apply a better method of recording and monitoring training that was taking place, not just online but face to face, and to offer a broader range of training opportunities to the Your Trust team.

Flex Learning Rate Improvement Statistics

Increase in Course Completions

  • Annual Completions with Flex: The number of courses completed in the past year surpasses the total number of courses completed in all previous periods combined. This indicates a significant boost in learning activities and engagement since the implementation of Flex.


  • Outstanding Pass Rate: Flex has achieved an outstanding pass rate, demonstrating its effectiveness in enhancing learning and retention among employees.


These statistics highlight the transformative impact of Flex on employee learning rates, showcasing both a remarkable increase in course completions and a high pass rate.

Training Units Completed Before Flex 5429 (From 1998 - November 2022)
Training Units Completed After Flex4684 (From November 2022 - February 2023)
Registration and Completion Rate92% (Staff who have registered and completed their training since Flex was launched in November 2022)

Flex LMS Transforms Training at Your Trust

  • Flex LMS: After demonstrating our unique LMS, Flex, to Your Trust, they could see the various benefits it would present to their organisation. They were especially pleased to finally have a user-friendly online system where staff could gain entry to all their training, in addition to the management team having a far better location to store online training records.
  • Flex is now well embedded across all seven of Your Trust’s sites, with employees and management reaping the benefits. Both staff uptake of training and the completion rate has increased significantly since Flex was deployed and this has helped to improve the overall impact of L&D in their organisation.
  • E-learning: Your Trust chose to deploy a selection of our E-learning courses across their organisation. As a GM Active member organisation, they had access to the GM Skills Academy and the Transformational Leadership Programme, alongside mandatory and essential training. Online learning via Flex allowed for staff working variable hours and those with conflicting work schedules to learn on-demand, without requiring in-person sessions.

Empower Your Workforce with Flex: Transformative Training Solutions

Flex, our unique Learning Management System (LMS), offers a comprehensive solution to elevate your workforce’s training experience. Just like Your Trust discovered, Flex provides a user-friendly online platform where staff can access all their training materials conveniently. With Flex seamlessly integrated across all operational sites, both employees and management witness remarkable improvements. Staff uptake and completion rates soar, driving the overall impact of Learning and Development initiatives within the organization. Additionally, Flex’s flexibility enables on-demand learning, catering to employees with variable schedules, thus ensuring no one misses out on essential training opportunities.

We're here to reinvigorate your workforce and strengthen your business

Regardless of the size of your organisation, we have a range of solutions available; from progressive training to upskill your staff, to bespoke workforce learning and development support. At Future Fit for Business, our goal is to maximise your organisational impact.