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LED Leisure – Fitness Education and CPD

Providing online and in-person training to close skills gaps and enhance customer experience

Improving Workforce Training Solutions

As an organisation, LED Leisure were looking for ways to improve the training provision available to their workforce. Whilst mandatory and essential training was frequently undertaken by their lifeguarding team, the upskilling of their fitness staff had not been a business priority. Managers fed back that there was little structured training and that the main barrier was the cost of provision. They required a solution that not only upskilled gym staff in various disciplines, but also allowed for the expansion of group exercise products and service provision.

Training Investment Boosts Income and Programs

The investment in training has led to a significant boost in LED Leisure’s PT program, resulting in a 50% increase in income over the past three years. Additionally, the development of Their Teen Gym program has increased attendance and gym income, driven junior memberships, and expanded their swim schools. This has enabled them to offer more functional classes and improve our GP Referral schemes.

Teen Gym ProgramThis was achievable with the use of ProZone
Profit Gained50% increase in profit from he LED Leisure PT program

Three-Stage Skills Development Approach

Taking into consideration the identified skills gaps, we worked with LED Leisure on developing a 3 stage approach which included:

  • Whole Team Engagement –
  1. Online CPD and Advice.
  2. Face-to-face courses.
  3. Comprehensive Online Education
  • Developing The Member Journey  –
  1. Upskilling staff and enhancing customer experience through the addition of CPD learning. Compulsory training in both nutrition and behaviour change enabled staff to understand the needs of the community and how best to serve them.
  • The Health Agenda –
  1. The addition of an Exercise Referral qualification allowed LED to work more closely with local NHS services and to reach more people in their community, a key driver in their business plan. This agenda will be further supported with the Mental Wellbeing modules to support public health improvement both nationally and locally.

Empowering LED Leisure Employees

Quote from the Health and Fitness Manager:

“The investment in training has allowed us to develop our PT program with over a 50% increase in income over the past 3 years. We’ve also developed a Teen Gym programme across the organisation which has increased attendances and gym income, as well as driving junior membership and the development of our swim schools. We are now able to provide more functional classes and can have contingencies in place for our GP Referral schemes.” Andrew Dare Health & Fitness Manager

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