Deploying Flex as a New Learner Management Training System

We partnered with Active Northumberland to migrate to our LMS, after their old training system had become insufficient for their needs.

Deploying Flex as a New Learner Management Training System

We partnered with Active Northumberland to migrate to our LMS, after their old training system had become insufficient for their needs.

The Opportunity

For years Active Northumberland had been using a very basic platform to manage and monitor their employee’s training, which was proving to no longer adequately fit their needs. They needed to implement a brand-new system.  

Their goal was to create a training and development process which would allow their teams access to a platform which would house their mandatory training. This platform needed to be accessible, provide a set of key metrics that they could report to their board and allow their General Managers to use the information within appraisals and development meetings.  

They had been advised to conduct a procurement process in 2018/19 which would identify a training provider, specific to fitness at first. The procurement process made them realise that Flex could be tailored into a corporate-specific platform, allowing them to develop other areas of the business, such as mandatory training, which they had not thought possible to achieve on one platform. They chose Future Fit on the basis that we would be able to work with their team to provide them with industry training advice. We proved to be a sounding board for their goals and helped them configure Flex into a multifunctional training and development platform specifically for their needs.  

The Solution

The solution was simple: Flex!

We deployed Flex as their learner management system, and they now have a functional training and development platform which fits their organisation perfectly.  

Active Northumberland can now develop their teams with the metrics which are delivered through weekly reports, and they can encourage their teams to up-skill themselves with the additional content assigned to them. 

We have actively provided them with suggestions, industry advice and options in addition to having regular meetings and updates, which has allowed Active Northumberland to develop over a series of years a workable system fit for their organisation. 

Key Benefits Active Northumberland have seen since implementing Flex

  • They can now manage their overall mandatory training compliance rate, which currently sits at 90%. This figure is based on the 16 mandatory training modules.  


  • They are now able to manage senior manager and departmental interactions, with 100% of senior managers being up to date with mandatory training.


  • The above metrics change weekly, which they identify using a league table provided by their data analysist who uses the weekly reports that we send directly to their senior management team.
0 %

Compliance rate

The percentage of employees who are up to date and compliant with their mandatory training
0 %

Completion rate amongst management

The percentage of senior management who have completed their training
0 %

Engagement rate amongst all users

The percentage of employees who are actively involved with their training

"My relationship with Future Fit is one of collaboration with most of our recommendations worked through, developed, and implemented together."

Phil Evans
Quality Assurance, Workforce & Environment. Active Northumberland

About Active Northumberland

Active Northumberland are a charitable foundation, set up to help members of the community on their wellness journey and to make healthy lifestyle choices. Any excess income they receive goes back into building their services, with the support of their main partner Northumberland County council. On behalf of the council, Active Northumberland manage all the fitness centres, community sites and beach facilities. They also provide a sports development service, which delivers activity sessions to young people and supports local sports clubs and community groups. Their main commitment is to improve health and wellbeing, which they do by supporting and championing the development of all physical activity across the county. Their facilities encourage physical activity and a sense of well-being amongst those of all ages, and they have a nationally recognised GP referral scheme.