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Introducing: Health Seeker Coaching

Future Fit developed Health Seeker Coaching in partnership with leading health expert and founder of GG Fit, Guy Griffiths. 

What is Health Seeker Coaching?

The Health Seekers Programme has two purposes:  

  • To support more people with their health, to understand and improve it. 
  • To help the fitness industry to recover, build, and become more resilient. 

A health seeker appointment is comprised of two parts: 

  • The measurement is typically on body composition scales or a 3D body scan. 
  • The most critical part is the coaching session. The health seeker sits down with a qualified coach to talk through some of their readings and to choose some actions and changes they want to make.  

How are clubs using Health Seeker Coaching?

The first way that many clubs use the health seeker programme is to reengage with their ex-members, people that have cancelled their membership in the last few months or years. They get them back into the club for a health check. There is no commitment or expectation to work out or to do classes. They just visit to learn about their measurements, talk through their behaviour change, and book a follow-up appointment. 

Clubs are also using health seekers to reach new members. They bring new demographics, communities, and corporates into their club, give them some measurements on their health, and then support them by talking about their choices and changes. Again, no need to work out or even exercise in most cases. 

Thirdly, clubs are using health seekers programmes to extend their product offerings. They are reaching much broader demographics, not just people who want a gym or fitness classes. Programmes and equipment to stretch or exercise at home, nutrition programmes or coaching, remote personal training, motivation, or accountability, online classes, EMS workouts, and much more. 

These products can extend to your current members or bring in new members through a health check or direct. 

Benefits of Health Seeker Coaching  

Staff purpose 

One of the significant side effects of a health seeker programme that we’ve seen so far is that staff love becoming coaches. They enjoy delivering these appointments to members or subscribers to the health seeker programme. They don’t have to sell them a health club membership, make them get on a treadmill, or join a class, but they are helping people with their health. 

So, staff are developing more purpose, knowledge and boosting their morale and their motivation, as they’re delivering some amazing behaviour change and seeing the measurements and the results of that.   

Building communities

Another great benefit is building new communities. Clubs invite health seekers in and set up groups of people supporting each other with their nutrition or hydration or going on weekly walks or runs. Some groups are led by coaches, perhaps around education events held in the club; others are simply WhatsApp groups for support, motivation, and accountability.  

Business Resilience

A third bonus is business future-proofing. Health seeker services and subscriptions can continue even if the gym is closed. Measurements could be done one-to-one or at home on personal devices, and coaching appointments can be held remotely. The support groups and communities can still operate and even become stronger and more valued if there were to be future lockdowns. 

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