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How to Create and Run an Employee Engagement Survey

Running a regular employee satisfaction programme will ensure you always keep your staff at the forefront of business development and factoring in employee satisfaction and engagement into your strategic decisions.

3 Things you need to consider:

  1. Ask fewer but more meaningful questions – Aim for around 5 – 10 questions. Not only does this help ensure that the data created is actionable, this helps keep staff engagement high throughout the survey.
  2. Use open questions to discover emotions – Statistics are great for standardising and communicating information, but qualitative data that will give a greater contextual understanding of your organisation is better.
  3. Respond to the feedback – Before you even start to analyse, respond to your employees and thank them first and foremost for taking the time to answer your questions. Then, once you’ve analysed the responses and started creating an action plan, make sure your plans include a communications plan for getting the action plan and the reasoning for it to your teams. Link this back to specific questions and data points.

What do you want to get out of your survey?

There are several things to get out of an employee survey, and it will depend on your organisational structure, goals, industry etc.. To give you a starting point, the minimum you want to aim for would be:

  1. Employee Engagement & Satisfaction
  2. Learning & Development Requirements
  3. General Feedback & Improvement Suggestions

These three areas should give you enough qualitative and quantitative data to create an action plan to empower your workforce and develop strategies for staff training and development.

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