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Active IQ and Future Fit Partner to Launch New Management Qualifications in the UK Physical Activity Sector

Active IQ, a leading awarding organisation in the UK physical activity sector, and Future Fit, one of the UK’s foremost providers of education, and learning and development solutions in the health and physical activity sector, are pleased to announce their partnership and the development of two new management qualifications set to launch later this year.

The collaboration between these industry giants brings together their shared vision and values, aiming to address the skills gap and elevate the professionalism of the sector.

Launching later this year, the Active IQ Level 3 Award in the Principles of Management, is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of management principles. Throughout this qualification, learners will cover essential topics such as effective decision making, leadership styles and models, the role and processes of management, performance measurement, and equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

The second qualification, the Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Management and Business, builds upon the foundation of the Level 3 Award and expands the scope to include additional critical areas. Learners will delve into topics such as business innovation and growth, budgeting and finance, recruitment processes, performance management, and how to facilitate professional development and implement a performance appraisal.

These new qualifications have been developed in response to the need for a structured pathway to professional management roles within the physical activity sector. By partnering with GM Active, a group of operators representing the twelve councils in Greater Manchester, who are responsible for 99 leisure and sports facilities, Active IQ and Future Fit have identified a gap in business and management experience among individuals working in these roles. The qualifications aim to bridge this gap and create a pipeline for progression from gym instructor and personal trainer positions to junior leadership roles within GM Active.



Speaking about the partnership, Stuart Liversedge, Business Development Manager from Active IQ said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Future Fit, one of the leading providers in the industry, to create these innovative management qualifications. Our shared vision and values have allowed us to develop qualifications that address the specific needs of the sector and offer learners a comprehensive understanding of management principles.”

Future Fit has played a significant role in the development of these qualifications, with their expertise and insights directly informing the content and structure. Tom Godwin, Group Operations Director at Future Fit said, “Our relationship with Active IQ and our combined commitment to excellence in education has paved the way for this partnership. These qualifications, tailored to the needs of GM Active and the sector as a whole, represent a significant step in professionalising management roles and ensuring the highest quality service for the public.”

The Active IQ Level 3 Award in the Principles of Management and the Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Management and Business are the first of their kind, specifically written to meet the needs of a major leisure trust. What sets these qualifications apart is their bespoke nature, providing relevant and practical skills that directly improve the success rate for learners.

The target audience for these qualifications includes organisations like the aspiring leadership team within GM Active, with the aim of enhancing their professionalism and career prospects. By closing the staffing gaps across the leisure trust, GM Active has ensured the continued delivery of the highest quality service to the general public across their leisure centres. With approximately 50 managers enrolled, these qualifications have the potential to impact as many as 500-800 individuals within the sector.

Future plans include the nationwide rollout of these qualifications, extending their impact across the UK. The partnership between Active IQ and Future Fit is built on the goal of championing quality education and thought leadership. Together, they aspire to expand their collaboration and explore opportunities in the international fitness market, making bespoke training available to major organisations in the health and wellness space.

These qualifications are particularly relevant in the current landscape, where many individuals have found themselves in management roles without the necessary background or skills. The aim is to reward and recognise these “Accidental managers” by providing them with the appropriate training and promotion opportunities.

Further information will be available when these qualifications launch later in the year.