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A Guide to Launching Family Fitness Products in your Organisation

What are family fitness products, and why should you consider including them?

 Family fitness products are becoming increasingly popular in gym clubs and fitness centres. These products provide an excellent way for families to become inspired by coming together to stay active and healthy while having fun. Family fitness products should cater to the whole family, including children, parents, older adults, and pre-and postnatal women. No matter the age or stage of someone’s life, staying active and participating in fitness activities can benefit everyone.   

Vitality has reported that 39% of families regularly work out together and see it as a way to stay active and healthy while spending quality time together. Research also demonstrates that active children become physically active and healthy adults. Thus, parents introduce their children to healthy habits at a young age to influence them later in life. However, it can often be tricky for parents to juggle the chaos of life and create fun and engaging exercise activities for their children. Why not make it easier for them by including classes for children in your club timetables?

It’s not only parents and children that you can target as part of building family fitness products. Older adults also reap the benefits of staying active, and catering to this audience will surely bring new demographics into your club. Studies have shown a rise in older adults participating in physical activity after seeing huge health and wellbeing benefits from keeping active into later life. UKActive highlighted in a report the need for a wide range of opportunities and support for older adults in gyms, especially with the population of the United Kingdom progressively getting older. 

Also, exercise classes for pre-and postnatal women are offered in the family fitness category. Exercise is vital in supporting a healthy pregnancy, providing various health and wellbeing advantages, and allowing women to continue working out safely while pregnant. UK Government guidelines suggest pregnant women ‘aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every week’. Reports have shown an increasing demand for appropriate fitness services for pre-and postnatal women, which provides an opportunity for many clubs to begin supplying.  

What are the benefits to my organisation?

In the UK, we are beginning to see numerous clubs implementing classes suitable for all age ranges that bring families together and inspire them to keep active. But what are the exact benefits to your organisation? 

Adding additional products that appeal to specific demographics will increase your demand and invite more people into your clubs. You will also stay updated with fitness trends and stay caught up with others who may have already launched family fitness products.  

Adding children’s fitness classes

  • Grow your offering by delivering gym and studio-based activities for children and young people in addition to parents in some cases 
  • Build trust with members that you can cater for the whole family 
  • Enhance and expand revenue streams  
  • Upskill and retain your staff 
  • You will be helping children discover a love of exercise and boost their physical and mental wellbeing 


Implementing older-adult classes

  • Expand offering to include training specifically for older clients 
  • Increase the scope of practice within GP Referral
  • Open up opportunities to gain new members in your facility
  • Retain members through a well-rounded offering
  • Improve accessibility and inclusivity in your clubs
  • You will be helping older adults live a better, healthier, and longer life  


Administrating Pre-and postnatal classes

  • Expand your potential membership and revenue streams 
  • Gain a constant stream of clients, as there is a lack of instructors in most areas. 
  • Provide opportunities for staff progression
  • Retain members through a well-rounded offering
  • You will be making an enormous impact on the mother and baby’s health and wellbeing during and after pregnancy  


How do I implement these into my organisation?

To be able to implement family fitness products into your organisation, you will need to make sure your staff are qualified to teach these types of classes. This is where we come in. Once your employees are trained and qualified in the required courses, you can introduce new products into your club. We’ve broken down the necessary courses below.


Children’s fitness classes 

Course your team will need to complete: 

Children’s physical activity instructor (CPD)
100% online learning.
It is strongly recommended that employees have a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification.   

Exercise classes for older adults  

Course your team will need to complete: 

Physical Activity for Older Adults (CPD)
100% online learning.

A worthwhile addition:  

Living longer better (CPD)
100% online learning.  

Pre-and postnatal classes

Course your team will need to complete: 

Level 3 Pre- and Postnatal Exercise Level 3 Pre- and Postnatal Exercise (Qualification).
100% online learning.

Employees enrolled in this course must already have a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification.  

Additionally, we offer courses in childhood nutrition and obesity, nutrition for older adults and pre-and postnatal nutrition, which you could also incorporate into your fitness offerings!


How to get started?

Launching family fitness products in your organisation can help you create an environment that encourages physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices for all while providing your clubs with numerous benefits. 

Are you ready to start your employee development journey and implement family fitness products into your organisation? View courses and get in touch below. 

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