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Your Partner in Workforce Development and Education

Empowering businesses to succeed through innovative learning and development solutions.

Leaders in The Industry

For over thirty years, Future Fit has led in Physical Activity training. Future Fit for Business utilises these three decades of experience to provide unparalleled learning and development solutions to shape the future of the sector.

From mandatory training provision to bespoke consultancy, we pride ourselves on placing your requirements at the centre of our work, co-designing solutions tailored to meet the needs, challenges, and aspirations of your organisation.

Clients We’re Trusted By

Why Choose Future Fit?

At Future Fit for Business, our success is intrinsically linked to the success of our employer partners. With decades of experience at the forefront of the Physical Activity sector, we aim to shape the future of the industry through unparalleled learning and development provision. Over the last thirty years, we’ve worked with some of the most prominent organisations in the UK and development and dedicated support.




Solutions that drive progress

From specialist education provision to bespoke support, we offer a range of solutions to train your staff, deliver organisational growth and support national movements such as improving public health. Our solutions include:

CoursesWe offer an extensive library of online and in-person training courses written by industry professionals.
FlexFlex is our bespoke learner management system, created by in-house experts to meet the training needs of your organisation.
ProZoneProzone gives ongoing CPD training for your whole organisation, providing easy access to online microlearning for your employees.
BespokeWhether you’re looking for specific training, or closed practical workshops, we can create a solution to empower your workforce.
SupportFrom creating conversations around EDI, to apprenticeships and funding, we work as an extension of your team to deliver on your goals.

Discover our Range of Courses

Empower your workforce with the skills needed to support the needs of your business and the communities you support.

Our Values

Our brand values, or FIT Principles, are an expression of our identity as an organisation. Since the inception of Future Fit back in 1993, these principles have been the foundations that shape every aspect of our business. In every course we create, every solution we develop, and every interaction we have with our partners, we aim to be Fearless, Impactful and Trusted.

Our FIT Principles

Our brand values are an expression of our personality and the guiding principles that shape every aspect of our business.

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    Never content to sit on our laurels, we lead the industry with bespoke training solutions tailored to foster organisational growth.

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    We’re focused on our mission to continually raise the bar. We enable our clients to build their business, upskill their workforce and make a difference in their communities.

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    We will never compromise on quality, always delivering the highest standards possible. We aim to create change through our work, enhancing our reputation as industry leaders.

We're here to reinvigorate your workforce and strengthen your business

Regardless of the size of your organisation, we have a range of solutions available; from progressive training to upskill your staff, to bespoke workforce learning and development support. At Future Fit for Business, our goal is to maximise your organisational impact.