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Management And Leadership Courses

Elevate your organisational leadership with our accredited management and leadership courses. We offer a variety of programmes designed to equip your team with the essential skills to excel in supervisory and senior roles. Our curriculum covers key areas like team motivation, goal setting, and effective communication, empowering your staff to lead with confidence, navigate challenges, and drive success within your facility.

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Transformational Leadership Programme.

Creating the leaders of the future.

We worked with GM Active to create and implement a Transformational Leadership Programme, the first industry-specific qualification designed to equip employees to better support the needs of their communities through systems-based leadership training. The course is built to empower participants with the confidence to innovate and explore, to share learning and develop initiatives that can drive organisational progress.

Since its inception, over 100 individuals have graduated through the Transformational Leadership Programme, creating leaders capable of impactful and effective work, reimagining the physical activity landscape and supporting the wider public health of their communities.

Management Qualifications.

Co-designed with industry experts.

We worked in collaboration with Active IQ, a leading awarding organisation in the UK physical activity sector, bringing together our shared vision and values, to address the skills gap and elevate the professionalism of the the industry. Responding to a sector-wide need for a structured pathway to management roles, Future Fit and Active IQ partnered with GM Active to bridge the gap in business and management experience amongst individuals working at their 99 leisure and sport facilities across Greater Manchester.

Written to meet the specific needs of the sector, our management and leadership qualifications offer a comprehensive understanding of the principles of management, providing relevant and practical skills that directly improve career progression for learners, representing a significant step in professionalising management and leadership roles and ensuring the highest quality service for the public.

Qualifications to professionalise your workforce and your organisation

All of our leadership and management qualifications are designed with your workforce needs in mind. We offer flexible learning options, including online modules, on-site workshops, and blended learning programs, allowing you to tailor the training to your company’s specific requirements. With our engaging content and expert instructors, you can be confident your employees will gain the knowledge and motivation they need to develop effective systems leadership and management skills, enabling them to inspire others and support the growth of both your organisation, and the sector at large.

If you’d like to learn more about the difference our management and leadership training can make, book a call with Lewis.

Our FIT Principles

Our brand values are an expression of our personality and the guiding principles that shape every aspect of our business.

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    Never content to sit on our laurels, we lead the industry with bespoke training solutions tailored to foster organisational growth.

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    We’re focused on our mission to continually raise the bar. We enable our clients to build their business, upskill their workforce and make a difference in their communities.

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    We will never compromise on quality, always delivering the highest standards possible. We aim to create change through our work, enhancing our reputation as industry leaders.

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At Future Fit for Business, we believe in leading by example. We’ve assembled a team with a proven track record of making an impact to organisations in the physical activity and active leisure sector. Scroll through below to find out who’s who at Future Fit for Business and their part in our innovative approach to supporting learning and development at every level.

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